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Green Port Gateway (Port of Long Beach Pier F)

As part of the Port of Long Beach (POLB) modernization program to eliminate train congestion, reduce air pollution, and expedite shipment of cargo, $89 million dollars was invested to upgrade the Pier F support yard and realign track along Ocean Boulevard.

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Ocean Boulevard/Pier F Support Yard Track Realignment Program

This $36 million dollar project for the Port of Long Beach is funded by both state and federal transportation dollars that will add a total of 29,000 feet of tracks. BergCM is providing construction management, inspection, scheduling, and cost estimating to a dual linear project to realign a critical rail pathway at Ocean Boulevard and add a rail support yard for the new Middle Harbor Terminal. The project will reduce air pollution, traffic congestion and will help to eliminate bottlenecks on the Port’s mainline track.

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Los Angeles Union Station Platform 7

Serving as CM for Metrolink’s $10 million restoration of L.A. Union Station’s Platform 7 and original Tracks 13, 14 & 15, BergCM was responsible for overseeing the work with the additional hurdle of the original contractor defaulting midway through construction. BergCM anticipated the default and was essential in expediently transitioning to the bonding company’s replacement contractor, saving considerable project time and budget for Metrolink. Completed in October 2012, Construction work included reinforced concrete platforms, new bolted steel canopy, continuous welded rail, energy efficient lighting, message boards, train yard communication and electrical system improvements, plus new stairways and handicap accessible access ramps on the north and south sides that match the vintage aesthetics of Union Station.

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K-PAC Track Connection Facility

This $8.8 million railroad track connection and signal project to improve the speed of trains between the Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach and the Alameda Corridor included the monitoring and coordinating of advance utility relocations. Work was done within active freight rail lines and included track installation, insulated joint installation, CP Houses and signals.

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Moreno Valley and Stadium Way Light Rail Transit

BergCM, as Resident Engineer, provided constructability review services on all aspects of the post-design, pre-construction phases of these $90 million light rail transit projects connecting Mission Valley to Murphy Station in San Diego for the Metropolitan District Transit Board.

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Union Ave. Overhead and Chester Ave. Undercrossing

These projects for the City of Bakersfield totaled approximately $5 million each and involved extensive coordination with Railroads Bakersfield, requiring a variety of detour roads to maintain city traffic flow.

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Madera Rd. Overcrossing

This $3 million project involved the construction of a pre-cast box girder railroad bridge over a depressed roadway and involved interface with railroad live track and coordination with local businesses.

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Lincoln Ave. Grade Separation

BergCM served as Prime Consultant and provided resident engineering, inspection and administration services for this $6 million project consisting of a grade separation with A.T.S.F., a cast-in-place post-tensioned vehicular bridge over rail and a separate bridge channel crossing.

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Gilbert St. Underpass

This $5 million grade separation project for the City of Fullerton involved storm drain construction, street signalization and interface with local businesses. A pre-cast box girder railroad bridge was constructed over depressed roadway.

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Limonite Grade Separation Project/Pedley Commuter Rail Station

BergCM served as Resident Engineer and provided inspection services for the Country of Riverside and the Riverside County Transportation Commission on the Limonite Ave. Grade Separation and Pedley Commuter Rail Station, totaling $15 million in construction value.

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New Dock/Henry Ford Grade Separation and New Dock/Henry Ford Intersection

BergCM served as Project Manager and also performed the constructability review of this $45 million project featuring two grade separations that were built on an accelerated schedule.

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Seaside Ave./Navy Way Grade Separation and Seaside Navy Way/Navy Mole Grade Separation

BergCM was responsible for the field construction management of this $35 million project featuring two grade separations that were built on an accelerated schedule.

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Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority Bridge Projects

This rail and bridge construction project for the Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority–totaling over $50 million–consisted of five separate projects: the UP Storage Track Bridge at Dominguez Channel; the ACTA Bridge at Dominguez Channel and Segment 2; the Compton Creek Rail Bridge Project; the Long Beach Lead Rail Bridge and Segment 3; and the Alameda St. Bridge Widening.

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Rancho Cucamonga Pedestrian Underpass and Upland Parking Lot and Sidewalk Repair

BergCM provided Construction Management Services to Metrolink in association with RailPros. Construction of a 100 ft. long pedestrian tunnel underneath two existing and operating passenger rail tracks which required heavy coordination with third parties.

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