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I-10/Riverside Ave. Interchange, Rialto

BergCM, as Prime, provided construction management, materials testing, construction surveying and landscape construction management services to SANBAG for this $34 million interchange replacement project with Caltrans oversight, funded by state and federal funds and Rialto Redevelopment Agency bonds. Designed to alleviate traffic congestion on the bridge and freeway ramps and reduce air pollution caused by idling vehicles, the project replaced the existing five-lane Riverside Avenue bridge over the I-10 freeway with a nine-lane bridge. One new lane was added to each on-ramp and off-ramp. Riverside Avenue between the freeway and Valley Boulevard was widened and safety improvements were added. Retaining walls were reconstructed. Artistic elements reflective of Rialto’s history were incorporated into the iconic bridge over the I-10, including decorative features on side walls, ramp walls and bridge columns. Work includes ramp widening, bridge demolition and reconstruction, traffic control, detours, signal installation, striping, upgrades and coordination between freeway ramps and surface street signalization, Caltrans and City traffic management systems.

I-10/Riverside Ave Interchange
Construction underway on the I-10/Riverside Avenue Interchange Project



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