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Los Angeles Union Station Platform 7

Serving as CM for Metrolink’s $10 million restoration of L.A. Union Station’s Platform 7 and original Tracks 13, 14 & 15, BergCM was responsible for overseeing the work with the additional hurdle of the original contractor defaulting midway through construction. BergCM anticipated the default and was essential in expediently transitioning to the bonding company’s replacement contractor, saving considerable project time and budget for Metrolink. Completed in October 2012, Construction work included reinforced concrete platforms, new bolted steel canopy, continuous welded rail, energy efficient lighting, message boards, train yard communication and electrical system improvements, plus new stairways and handicap accessible access ramps on the north and south sides that match the vintage aesthetics of Union Station.

Construction took place during Union Station business hours and BergCM took extensive precautions to protect the public with elaborate scaffolding, noise monitoring and safety watchmen stationed in the heavily used tunnel during work. Multiple stakeholders such as Amtrak, Metrolink and Metro had unique concerns for safeguarding train and bus line operations during construction which BergCM carefully accommodated while making public safety the first priority. This project was a reconstruction rather than stand-alone new construction, therefore special consideration for maintaining the original 1939 historical design was respected while bringing the platform and track up to 2012 standards. Construction challenges included performing drill pile and lagging shoring within ten feet of a heavily used operating railroad track. Work was carefully scheduled so as not to affect train schedules or interfere with public activity at the Station. Pile excavation was 25 feet deep with very little leeway for error due to the Metro Red line tunnel existing just 15 feet beyond that.

With train ridership numbers steadily on the rise and more people getting out of their cars in favor of public transit, this project is of tremendous benefit to passengers by improving flow on and off the trains and providing an overall improved commute while increasing capacity for additional trains.


Watch our award winning Union Station Platform 7 being built!

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