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Seaside Ave./Navy Way Grade Separation and Seaside Navy Way/Navy Mole Grade Separation

BergCM was responsible for construction management and field operations of this $35 million Port of Los Angeles project. In association with Bechtel, BergCM provided the Senior Construction Manager, Lead Structural Inspector, Roadway, Pile and Structural Inspectors. BergCM was directly responsible for quality assurance, public utilities, safety enforcement, change orders, project correspondence and documentation and the coordination of subconsultants. BergCM was also responsible for communication with public agencies, private concerned agencies and the public at large, serving as the primary interest contact between the Port and the contractor from pre-bid through construction phase to project close-out.

Construction of two of the four grade separations associated with development of Pier 300 at the Port of Los Angeles consisted of cast-in-place reinforced post-tensioned concrete bridges, detour roads, a six-lane highway and ramps, over 1700 feet of mechanically stabilized earth walls, wick drains and extensive earthwork. Built on an accelerated schedule, the Seaside Avenue Grade separation required multiple workdays, shifts and weekend work through high traffic volumes. Third party agencies included Caltrans, multiple utilities, the US Navy, the City of Los Angeles, the City of Long Beach and various sub-departments. This project was managed simultaneously with two Rail Bridges.

Project Highlights Include:

arrow Continuous traffic management
arrow Coordination with railroad track construction
arrow Storm drains, wick drains and pump stations
arrow Multiple utility relocations
arrow Interface with numerous federal, state and city agencies
arrow An accelerated contract with large monthly progress billing invoices
arrow Constructability review
arrow Extensive MSE wall construction
arrow Extensive bridge falsework
arrow Cast-in-place concrete spans
arrow Required B Permit inspections
arrow AGC National 1998 Build America Award for Highway Renovation
arrow AGC California 1998 Constructor Award, Project Management
arrow Partnered projects


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