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Harry Bridges Buffer (Wilmington Waterfront Park) And Voluntary Street Improvements Projects

As the Construction Manager, Berg CM provided constructability reviews, Construction Management, cost estimating, project controls, safety, SWPPP, and administered the Port of Los Angeles’ air quality program. These two Landmark Projects for the Port of Los Angeles were completed using a Partnering approach under the auspice of Charles Cowan and Associates. Wilmington Waterfront Park won the coveted project achievement award from the Southern California Chapter of the Construction Management Association of America (CMAA) in 2012.

Harry Bridges Blvd. Buffer Project, christened the Wilmington Waterfront Park upon completion, serves the local community with a safe place to enjoy their leisure time. Picnic and play areas, fountains with splash features, walking and bike paths with panoramic views over the four bridges, seating gardens, decorative lighting, rest and event facilities are all incorporated into thirty-one beautiful landscaped acres.

The Buffer Project began as a blank canvas of mostly cleared property adjacent to the Port of Los Angeles operation. Demolition of an existing police annex, nine city streets, as well as many unused utilities completed the clearing process. Project highlights included:

arrow Construction of a new sewer and storm drain and electrical system
arrow Import of 150,000 cubic yards of clean soil
arrow Construction of 4 bridges
arrow Construction of two rest and entertainment facilities
arrow Multiple water and playground areas
arrow Walking and bike paths
arrow One acre of artificial turf
arrow Two Plaza areas and lighting
arrow Off street parking areas
arrow Security systems

The Voluntary Street Improvements project, adjacent to Wilmington Waterfront Park, widened the heavily used Harry Bridges Boulevard, creating 3 lanes in each direction and added landscaping and reclaimed irrigation, drainage, sidewalks and handicapped access improvements. The construction included significant utility work including petroleum line relocations, traffic and phasing plans and detours.

The cost of the Park construction was in excess of $56 M and was brought in with less than 5% change orders. The Voluntary Improvements was constructed at a cost of $20M.


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