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Raymond Avenue Grade Separtio Project

BergCM is currently performing CM services for the City of Fullerton for this state and locally funded, Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) oversight grade separation project located on Raymond Avenue intersecting the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) railroad. Construction activities include elimination of the at-grade railroad crossing on Raymond Avenue to facilitate better traffic flow and increase the safety for vehicular commuters. This undercrossing will greatly improve vehicular traffic flow due to the annual increase in train traffic and also reduce the potential for accidents on the road. The existing horizontal roadway configuration of Raymond Avenue will be maintained upon completion of the project.

Significant coordination with the simultaneous State College Blvd. Grade Separation project is a special project challenge that is being met successfully. The initial work has involved storm drain and utility relocations. Shoring review for the BNSF railroad bridge was recently completed and the temporary bypass road for Raymond Avenue is anticipated to be operational in July 2015. As one of seven OCTA grade separations along this busy corridor, weekly collaboration and coordination with simultaneously on-going OCTA projects is essential. 

Raymond Avenue Project




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