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New Dock/Henry Ford Grade Separation and New Dock/Henry Ford Intersection

In addition to serving as Project Manager for this accelerated, $45 million project for the Port of Los Angeles—featuring two grade separations consisting of steel girder bridges, multiple detour roads, stone columns, mechanically stabilized earth walls, storm drains and pump station, railroad shooflies and hazardous waste—BergCM’s Resident Engineer also performed the constructability review.

We identified numerous issues relating to construction processes, scheduling issues and the complicated intersection of lines and roadways. One recommendation included the incorporation of unplanned shooflies, which facilitated ongoing rail traffic and enhanced the availability of the work area for the construction of permanent features of the work.

Of particular interest was a creative solution to the extensive ground water problem that existed at the depressed Henry Ford Ave. roadway. Based upon the Resident Engineer’s recommendation and a subsequent feasibility study, a 50-foot deep bentonite slurry curtain wall over 1,000 feet in length was constructed around the project site to eliminate the original requirement of construction “in the wet.” This revised design innovation resulted in a gross savings of $11 million (with net savings of approximately $5.5 million.)

Project highlights:

arrow Continuous traffic management
arrow Coordination with railroad track construction
arrow No interruptions to the Port’s railroad operations
arrow Large monthly progress billing invoices
arrow Numerous utility relocations
arrow Continuous crane activity
arrow Required MSE walls
arrow Steel girder bridge construction
arrow Partnered projects


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